Siteground vs A2 Hosting [2023 Comparison]

You’re probably wondering which hosting provider is better between SiteGround and A2 hosting.

These two hosting service providers are one of the most popular hosting platforms serving a ton of users across the world. All the same, one has to be better than the other, right? 

It is no brainer that a poor choice of web hosting service can sabotage your business, or even worse, ‘send it to its grave.’ And that is why we have made some significant comparisons between the two, so we can arrive at a conclusion – which hosting platform is better.

Is it SiteGround or A2 hosting? We will soon find out. Dig deeper and find out more. 

Siteground vs A2 Hosting Comparison

You see, SiteGround is one of those web hosting providers that have been recommended by WordPress. Additionally, this big web hosting giant brags of excellent 24/7 customer support. Even more, SiteGround is known for automatic upgrades, which most users will love. That should give you a glimpse of how good this hosting platform is reliable. 

SiteGround is also one of those web hosting platforms that have introduced the data center location when signing up. Best of all is that you can test their hosting services for up to thirty days before you either opt-out or commit to their plans. This is called a money-back guarantee or refund.

But what about A2 hosting? Anything unique? Well, A2 web hosting service provider takes pride in having the best developer-friendly web hosting service. Additionally, they claim that they have a highly versatile web hosting option you can choose from. For example, they have different packages like the Linux and Windows hosting, shared hosting, as well as the VPS or dedicated servers hosting. 

Just like the WordPress recommended hosting platform, SiteGround, A2 web hosting also allows you to select your best data center. And the best of all is that the A2 hosting provider also has a 30-day money-back refund. This means that you can enjoy the services for 30 days or less before you opt-out if you weren’t pleased with their services. 

Page Speed and Uptime 

SiteGround boasts of excellent speed with speed technologies like HTTP/2, NGINX, as well as a free CDN to boost your speed performance. A2 web hosting service provider, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to go for Turbo servers when you’re signing up, which offers a drop-in Apache to help boost the speed of your site by up to twenty times. 

We wanted to test the two platforms’ speed performance, so we signed up with both web host service providers and ran a test on each of the web hosting platforms using WordPress. To ensure we got the best results, we decided to install a default WordPress theme, uploaded some dummy content, and included some images. 

Following the test, we noted that SiteGround loaded in less than a second in Texas and Dallas. That is ninety-five percent faster than all other sites we have tested before. A2 web hosting, on the other hand, loaded with 1.28 seconds. That means that the website loads eighty-four percent faster than the sites we have tested so far. We also were curious to know how the two would fare when there’s a traffic surge. 

Winner – SiteGround


We can confirm that both A2 web hosting service provider and SiteGround offers their users all the features they may need. For example, these two web hosting service providers offer unlimited bandwidth, choice of data centers, among others, to their users. 

When we look at features, below are a few features that make SiteGround score higher than its competitor – A2 web hosting: 

  • SSD storage – SiteGround offers its users SSD storage while A2 web hosting provides users with RAID 10 storage.
  • High performance – To help boost your website’s performance, SiteGround offers its users with a free Cloudflare CDN, as well as a PHP 7 with OpCache. 
  • In-built security – If you choose to use SiteGround, you’ll get free daily backups. If you go for a slightly higher plan, you will have free backup restores. 
  • Geeky features – Choosing SiteGround’s GoGeek package will mean that you’ll get PCI compliant servers, which will help with e-commerce stores, easy WordPress or Joomla staging, as well as one-click Git repo creation.

You now know some of the great features that SiteGround offers its users. Can we now take a look at some of the A2 features in comparison to SiteGround? 

  • Windows and Linux Hosting – You’ll get Windows and Linux hosting on A2 hosting, which popular web hosting service providers like SiteGround don’t provide. 
  • Money-back refund – You can sign up for up to thirty days when still testing the service. You can decide to opt-out and get a refund within your first 30 days or commit yourself to the plan.
  • You have the freedom to choose the management level that best suits you from the A2 web hosting service provider. 

We believe that the A2 web hosting company is still a top-notch web hosting service provider in the industry. It has a variety of choices you can choose from when you sign up for their web hosting services. And that’s why we have declared A2 web hosting as the winner in this category.

Winner: A2 Hosting

Support and Documentation

Both of the two hosting platforms offer their users with 24/7 customer support in three ways – live chat, phone call support, as well as emails. And because the two can be relied upon when it comes to customer support, this category is tied. 

Winner: It’s a tie


A2 hosting packages are more affordable as compared to SiteGround. A2’s dedicated hosting is also way cheaper, which makes it a better option when making a dedicated hosting choice. 

All the same, if you prefer dedicated hosting or VPS, A2 web hosting service provider could be your best option, though you can go for SiteGround if you target huge discounts. 

Winner: A2 Hosting

Verdict: who is better: A2 hosting or Siteground?

After our comparison, looking at the most critical aspects of web hosting services, we feel that SiteGround is a better web host service provider as compared to A2 web hosting. 

This is because SiteGround has continuously improved its hosting environment and leverages the latest technologies to ensure that its users are satisfied and happy. 

All the same, if you are on a shoe-string budget, you may go with the most affordable hosting, and that’s A2 web hosting. They offer an affordable pricing plan as compared to SiteGround.