1&1 IONOS vs GoDaddy [2023 Comparison]

GoDaddy and 1&1 IONOS are popular web hosting platforms in the industry, but which is better? 

1&1 IONOS came to light in the year 2018, though it might have been started around 1988 with 1&1 – the original brand. To this point, 1&1 IONOS has more than thirty years of experience and hosts over twelve million domains. 

1&1 IONOS is the biggest web hosting service provider in Europe, but GoDaddy has also managed to attract a ton of customers too. To be precise, GoDaddy takes pride as the largest domain registrar, with over seventy-seven million domains to manage.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, has been instrumental in helping more than eighteen million users to go online, so it’s quite experienced in this field. Both of these hosting platforms provide their users with a variety of services – from the website hosting to web building, as well as domain name registration. 

In this post, we are going to make a comparison of both 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy. We are going to compare the two using different categories to determine the winner. Let’s get started. 

1&1 Ionos vs GoDaddy Comparison


1&1 IONOS Performance

When you mention performance, then users will first think of 1&1 IONOS. This web hosting company offers its users a ninety-nine point nine-eight percent uptime. Additionally, 1&1 IONOS has up to ten data centers in five countries, which includes Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

If you choose to go with cloud hosting, you have the freedom to choose your most preferred data center, but why? If you have a bigger audience, for example, in the United Kingdom, you can offer your audience faster load speeds by choosing a data center located in the United Kingdom. 

The best of all is that 1&1 IONOS is responsible for the optimization of your website’s speed, in whatever package you opt for. If you choose to go with the shared hosting, for example, 1&1 IONOS will maximize your performance by placing the servers, as well as the storage on the same platform. 

GoDaddy Performance 

GoDaddy, on the other hand, takes pride in three pillars – security, speed, and reliability. We can confirm, though, that it has a slightly lower uptime as compared to 1&1 IONOS. You can be assured of ninety-nine point nine-seven percent uptime with GoDaddy, which is still good. 

GoDaddy combines its excellent uptime record with speed and security to offer its users the best service. GoDaddy cares about your visitors, and that is why it ensures the load speeds are fast and considerable. 

This will be a tough one to decide, but 1&1 IONOS wins in this category. These two web hosting providers offer their users excellent speeds, but 1&1 IONOS is King when it comes to security. GoDaddy loses it because it does not provide SSL certificates. 

Types of Hosting 

There are different hosting packages that both of these web hosting service providers offer their users – shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, as well as dedicated hosting. 

1&1 IONOS offers all of these hosting plans – shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, as well as dedicated hosting, while GoDaddy lacks cloud hosting. 

Both of the hosting platforms are suited for minimal static websites, such as blog pages. So if you were looking for a hosting that’s best suited for this, both GoDaddy and 1&1 IONOS are good bets. 

You can see that both web hosting service providers offer their users a variety of hosting plans, but 1&1 IONOS has one hosting plan – cloud hosting, that GoDaddy doesn’t include in its packages. 

Hosting Features 

This is a category that GoDaddy tops. When doing our research, GoDaddy ticked all the boxes in terms of the features. We can say that it beat 1&1 IONOS hands down in this category. 

GoDaddy provides its users with a cPanel, which 1&1 IONOS does not. Also, GoDaddy provides its users with 100GB disk space, which is the same as what 1&1 IONOS offers its users. 

Both hosting platforms offer their users free backups, a free domain name, and a free SSL certificate, so the difference comes with the cPanel. 

In this category, as we had earlier stated, GoDaddy takes the day. It ticked in all boxes, which 1&1 IONOS failed to do because of no cPanel for its users. 

Ease of Use 

Ease of use should be at the top of your priorities, but you know where ease of use becomes a nightmare to most users? The cPanel. A control panel is where you run everything on your website – it’s like your dashboard. 

Most web hosting service providers offer their users a cPanel that is easy to use, but we do not see this with 1&1 IONOS. 1&1 IONOS has its cPanel, and if we are honest, the 1&1 IONOS control panel is dated and cluttered. 

Instead of following the footsteps of its competitor, 1&1 IONOS, GoDaddy has joined the other big web hosting platforms in providing users with a control panel, where they can manage all things related to their websites. 

GoDaddy takes the day in this category again. We can say that 1&1 IONOS cPanel isn’t complicated, but GoDaddy is just in another level that 1&1 IONOS can’t match whatsoever. 

Domain Registration 

1&1 IONOS gives away a free domain, which means that you won’t purchase a domain name when you are a new user. This is good news for people who are starting and may not be in a position to spend a lot. So 1&1 IONOS got your back with this. 

On the other hand, GoDaddy sees itself as a leading domain registrar and therefore doesn’t need to convince its users that they are the best, so it has no free domain name included in their perks as a new user. 

Will you agree with our verdict? We are sure you are going to doubt it, but this is it – we have a tie in this category. GoDaddy is superb when it comes to the registration of domains, and yes, 1&1 IONOS also offers a free domain name, which is a win-win in both cases. 

Customer Support

 Both of these hosting platforms have excellent customer support, but let’s look at what features each provide to their users. Let’s start with 1&1 IONOS. This web hosting company offers the following to its users: 

  • 1&1 IONOS Help Center
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Contact Support
  • 1&1 IONOS forum 

What about GoDaddy? 

  • GoDaddy Help Center
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Live chat
  • Community
  • Videos

Another tie here. Both of these platforms have got their users covered in terms of customer support, so it’s a draw. 

Pricing and Value for Money 

This is always the decision point. Most people will make their decisions after considering the price, but let’s look at the pricing for both providers. Let’s start with 1&1 IONOS: 

  • Shared hosting – starts at $1
  • VPS hosting – starts at $5
  • Dedicated hosting – starts at $50

What about GoDaddy? 

  • Shared hosting – starts at $4.99 
  • VPS hosting – starts at $19.99
  • Dedicated hosting – starts at $89.99

It’s a no brainer because you can see that 1&1 IONOS has way affordable pricing as compared to GoDaddy. 

Final Verdict 

Indeed, pricing plans may always vary, but from the comparison, you can see that 1&1 IONOS offers pretty much affordable rates. 

Away from that, GoDaddy turns out to be the overall winner because it scored more in the features category, which means that the extra pay is covered with the benefits you get from the perks.