A2 Hosting Review: Is It Faster than Others?

A2 Hosting is a widely used web hosting company among millions around the globe. They offer several features that you can use to build a stunning and efficient website. One of their perks is their offer of the anytime money-back guarantee.

This means that at any time you are dissatisfied with their services, you can request for your money back and your refund will be calculated and provided accordingly. Read on for more information about A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting was started in 2002 and since then has provided incredibly fast and reliable services.

It was designed to be a developer-friendly tool so that you have all the features you would need to build any website imagined. They offer several plans and each plan includes unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Their plans and services cover shared hosting, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated servers. All plans also come with a free site migration and you have available 24/7 talented support service.

The Turbo server is an exclusive plan you can opt for. It includes superior and ultrafast web hosting services that are quite suitable if your website has high traffic. Overall a typical plan on A2 hosting starts at $3.92 / month, comes with unlimited disk space, and includes any time refund guarantee

Features of A2 Hosting

As earlier stated, A2 hosting features are quite impeccable and are suitable for webmasters who want the best services.

  • Uptime – they offer 99.9% uptime and quick turnaround in the event of server failure or crash.
  • Speed – they have the edge over traditional web host companies as they offer ultra-fast services via the turbo server plan. With the Turbo server, your site pages load 20 times faster than a normal page and it can do so with a drop-in Apache replacement.
  • SSD – all of their plans offer free SSD storage. This is invaluable as it boosts the site’s performance incredibly. It also allows you to choose between Linux or Windows operating systems.
  • Refund – their money-back guarantee means you are eligible for a refund at any time. A full refund is processed within 30 days of subscription. After 30 days, your refund will be calculated and provided based on unused services.
  • A2 Hosting Customer Support – they offer 24/7 support service via phone email and live chat. Their technical staff is quite experienced with what they do, and they provide quick turnaround on queries.
  • Ease of Use – you have two options with A2 Hosting as they provide both Linux and Windows hosting. Linux hosting plan includes cPanel, while Windows has Plesk for managing files, databases, and other info.
  • Hosting Panel/dashboard – their plan includes WordPress one-click install on the dashboard
  • Plans and Pricing – all plans available are tailored for different needs, and they all offer 99.9% uptime and ever-present support service. Their least price starts at $3.92 and is a shared hosting plan.
  1. Shared Hosting Lite – $3.92 / month
  2. WordPress Hosting Lite – $3.92 / month
  3. Unmanaged VPS – $5 / month  
  4. Unmanaged Dedicated Flex Server – $99.59 / month
  5. Reseller Bronze – $13.19 / month

Frequently asked questions about A2 Web Hosting

If you are still skeptical about using A2 hosting, here are some frequently asked questions answered by us. 

Why should I pick A2 Hosting to host my site?

While other web hosting companies exist, A2 hosting is superior as they provide free SSD storage on all their plans. You can also choose between Linux and Windows hosting, depending on your local machine. And lastly, they offer anytime refund to their subscribers.

Which A2 Hosting plan should I go for?

This depends on the type of website you want to build. If you’re building a website or a blog, it is sensible to start with the A2 shared hosting plan. You can then upgrade to higher plans as your needs evolve.

Where are the servers of A2 Hosting located?

Their servers are located in Amsterdam, Michigan, Singapore, and Arizona.

Can high traffic be handled by A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting is famous for its ultra-speed servers, and your website should handle most traffic coming in. However, when the maximum visitor limit is exceeded on your plan, you will be asked to upgrade to a new and higher plan. 

Can my A2 Hosting plan be upgraded later?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher plan anytime you want. It is even advisable to start with a small plan, then move upwards so that you have the exact resources that you need for your site.

Does A2 Hosting provide a monthly payment option?

Yes, you can pay for your hosting plan per month, and it also means that you do not have to pay set-up fees. However, annual plans are significantly cheaper than monthly plans as they come with discounts and freebies.

Do I have to register my domain name?

No, A2 hosting allows you to add your existing domain while subscribing to their plan. This means you can buy a domain name from any domain name registrar, such as NameCheap and Godaddy.

Does A2 Hosting provide users with free SSL?

Yes, they offer a free SSL certificate on all their plans, and you can easily set it up while building your website.

Do I need to purchase A2 Hosting’s add-ons?

No, add-ons aren’t compulsory unless you have any need for them. You can complete your order without purchasing an add-on, and can immediately start building your website. Add-ons are always available for sale, and you can purchase them in the future.


A2 Hosting has a myriad of features to use and enjoy while building your website. Their servers are lightning-fast, which means your visitors do not have to wait long before page loads. They also provide an excellent support service that is available round the clock to attend to any rising need.

Whether you own a small blog, eCommerce store, or a startup, A2 hosting has all the tools to make your business flourish. You can easily customize your website to suit your requirements with their tools and features. Of course, you are also guaranteed a full refund within the first 30 days and partial refund after the 30 days which is unlike any other web hosting company.

Overall, their services are affordable and reliable. With $3.92, you can start building a functional website for your business.