Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) announced the availability of a ZigBee Light Link™ development kit that simplifies the development and control of wirelessly connected LED lighting products. The new kit includes a remote control and supports smartphone and tablet connectivity through gateways including Ninja Blocks, cloud-enabled computers based on the BeagleBone open-source computer platform powered by TI’s Sitara™ AM335x ARM®processors. Through simplified control, users are able to dynamically configure colors, groups and scenes. With a simple connection to a cloud gateway, the new kit makes it easier to connect LED bulbs and other lighting products to the Internet of Things (IoT) using the virtual network.

For consumers, a ZigBee wirelessly connected lighting system delivers richer user interfaces and more flexible control on top of the basic on, off and dim operations. There is absolute flexibility to place and move switches and other controls anywhere in the home versus wire-controlled products. This enables the design of lighting systems for home and office environments that allow individual task lighting for desk, table or countertop to be placed anywhere. Additionally, through use of a gateway, users can control lighting from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet app.

TI’s ZigBee Light Link development kit includes everything designers need to get new lighting products to market quickly:

  • Three Zlights programmed as ZigBee Light Link color lights. The Zlights are based on the SimpleLink CC2530 wireless MCU and also include TI’s TPS62730 DC/DC converter.
  • One ZigBee Light Link color scene remote control. The remote is based on the SimpleLink CC2531 wireless MCU and also includes TI’s TPS76933 LDO and TPS62290 DC/DC converter.
  • Optional CCdebugger to program and debug the system.
  • TI Z-Stack ZigBee software that supports the latest ZigBee stack and is ZigBee Light Link 1.0-ready.

Features and benefits of TI’s ZigBee Light Link development kit

Complete LED  hardware reference  design with PCB, gerbers and BOMFast time-to-market of new designs
Complete software package for both network and light application layerReduces design timeInteroperable with other ZigBee products
Direct control of LED bulbs with remote controlRemote control out of the box experienceDemonstrates portable control for consumer lighting applications that is scalable beyond the lights provided in the kit
Cloud connectivity through Ninja BlocksAccess to control the lighting network using a mobile device through an Internet connection

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