What is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming?

Gaming can be a fun and engaging activity, and it requires the right screen size to enjoy maximum interactivity.

All these boils down on the screen resolution and size of whatever monitor you are using. The screen resolution is measured in pixel density, and its value shows the level of clarity such a screen can provide.

When it comes to monitor size, there are different variants from 17-inch to even 32-inch screen size.

When on the lookout for a perfect monitor size for gaming, consider the relativity between the resolution (image quality) and screen size. For most people, 32-inch monitors might be too large for playing games, especially games with 1080p capacity that may appear blurry on such large screens, whereas it may be able to show the brilliant game contrast on 24-inch monitor size. Therefore, let’s look at the best monitor size for gaming based on their relative screen quality.

Best Monitor Size for Gaming by Spec

Best Monitor Size for 1080p

The 1080p is the smallest pixel size you will ever find for a high-end game. For most of this kind of games, anything below a 24-inch monitor with a 1920 x 1080 resolution is not recommended. Invariably, the 24-inch screen size is affordable and will provide your exclusive gaming need for 1080p games. The full HD resolution on the 24-inch screen features image details that look decent and appear real due to its 91 PPI pixel density. For this kind of gaming, getting a larger display of 27-inch might not be suitable as it will give an 81PPI pixel density with unclear, pixelated images. Such a 27-inch monitor size will only be considered for typing jobs, reading, or any activity that requires being near to the screen.

Best Monitor Size for 1440p

The 1440p is a WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) that appears ideal on any monitor size no less than 27-inches. With such screen size, you get a 108 PPI pixel density, which showcases a great blend of images with vast clarity and requiring no sort of scaling. There are also 32-inch monitor types that can accommodate 1440p gaming as well without appearing blurry. The 32-inch monitor size offers the same picture clarity that you could get like the 27-inch screen monitor. Whatever monitor size you choose between 27-inches or 32-inches, it all boils down to preferences as some people may find 32-inch as a quite large monitor screen size.

Best Monitor Size for 4K

For 4K gaming, getting a 27-inch to 30-inch monitor size is large enough. Any screen size above this specified value could make the image visuals unreadable on the monitor screen and will often require scaling for it to be visible. There are times the 27-inch monitor will require scaling for 4K games due to the fact it is an extremely high resolution. Unfortunately, some gaming applications don’t scale at all, and some that scales may not scale well. Note that some interactive elements may appear quite small if a game doesn’t offer custom scaling.

Ultra-wide Monitors

The current ultra-wide monitors we have now comes at a 21:9 aspect ratio, which is a lot higher than the standard 16:9 ratio. These kinds of monitors are known to be proactive for tackling multi-screen tasks and projections. The presence of a curved screen and extra horizontal space allows for wider view coverage.

Ultra-wide displays usually come with a typical screen size of 34-inch, and they are compatible with either 3440×1440 or 2560×1080 resolution. The 34-inch monitor with 2560×1080 resolution offers the same pixel density as a 27-inch monitor with 1080p. Therefore, the ultra-wide monitor screen is suitable for gaming but could require you to stay some distance away.


When buying a new monitor to enhance your gaming experience, you need to consider a host of features, mainly pixel density, resolution, and size.

From the information provided above, we believe you shouldn’t have a problem selecting the perfect monitor size for gaming.