What Mouse does Tenz use?

Tyson Ngo, popularly known online as Tenz, is a professional gamer from Canada who is renowned for playing and streaming Valorant. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the gamer’s first love. The CS:GO streamer quickly progressed through the ranks, eventually signing with Cloud9 to play the game professionally in 2019.

Tenz revealed in April 2020 that he will be going from Counter Strike to Valorant in order to compete with Cloud9. Tenz revealed in early 2021 that he would be leaving Cloud9’s Valorant squad for an indeterminate period of time to focus on content production.

Starlight-12 Hades

Starlight-12 Hades is a gaming mouse that offers the best features for gamers. It has an ergonomic design, which makes it comfortable to use for hours on end. The mouse also has a tenz sensor, which allows you to make quick and precise movements. Additionally, the Starlight-12 Hades has customizable buttons and weights, so you can configure it to your own preferences.

The total weight of the batteries, feet, screws, paint, and coating is 42 grams for small and 47 grams for medium.

To enable the wireless signal to escape, the mouse’s underside is built of Ultem rather than magnesium. As a result, it is not as strong as magnesium and should not be pressed or tested for strength with the mouse’s sides or top.

After remaining idle for a certain amount of time, the Finalsensor is intended to enter several phases of rest mode. Testing it from a standstill will not represent the mouse’s true latency performance if the mouse is in rest mode.

Finalsensor is a faultless esports sensor with a resolution of up to 20,000 pixels per inch (cpi). With integrated lighting and an IPS of 450+. Expect next-generation performance.

The Godspeed Wireless technology is based on the industry-leading Nordic RF platform (nrf52840), and in-house created state-of-the-art software. Years of research and development in RF chambers have resulted in a more reliable mouse that performs better than a wired mouse. The mouse’s polling rate is 1000hz.

A high-end rechargeable Jauch Lithium-Ion battery powers the Starlight-12. You may anticipate long periods without charging due to the groundbreaking engineering that went into the power optimization of the sensor, PCB, and software. The average use case life is expected to be 3 weeks, below-average use case life is predicted to be 7 weeks, and idle use case is estimated to be 16+ weeks.


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