WP Engine Review – My Personal Experiance

WP Engine is a VIP managed WordPress hosting. They take pride in providing exemplary customer lists such as Asana, PBS, National Geographic, MyFitnessPal, and Yelp.

If you desire to have a hassle-free premium hosting for WordPress, then you should check out WP Engine. Read on to find out why:

A Quick Overview of WP Engine

According to our research, WP Engine is one of the greenest WordPress hosting in today’s market. It was launched in the year 2010, and ever since, WP Engine has shown stellar progress. 

It is said that WP Engine came to life because of a serial entrepreneur – Jason Cohen. All thanks to him, he was able to discover the undying thirst for WordPress, which prompted him to come up with a specialized hosting for WordPress. 

Besides, WP Engine has servers strategically placed in two regions, including Texas and Austin. Over the past years, it has earned more than 400 employees who seem to be satisfied with their services.  

WP Engine Hosting Plans

While other providers offer multiple plans for hosting, WP Engine only provides managed WordPress hosting. This plan is further divided into five categories: Startup, Growth, Scale, Premium, and Enterprise. 

With all these plans, you get unlimited data transfers, although, with a varying number of WordPress installs, traffic volume, and disk space. Premium and Enterprise packages, on the other hand, include customized environments for their servers. 

Other notable features include a Git version control, staging that helps you create copies for your site for testing, free and paid transfers, and update options. 

When reviewing WP Engine, we noted that it offers top-notch features for WordPress hosting compared to the other providers out there. 

Advanced Security Features

WP Engine offers excellent WordPress features with the premium package. It has an auto-installer that automatically updates your WordPress account to the latest version. And mark you, these updates are thoroughly inspected before they can be released to its WordPress users. 

WP Engine also comes with a prevention system, protecting your site against brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, JavaScript attacks, among others. Rest assured of top-notch security against attacks due to their partnership with other security firms to conduct regular security audits. 

Support and Customer Service

Customer support is essential for any service provider, although you may not need it most of the time. WP Engine offers reliable customer service with a support team of more than 100 WordPress techies. Their interaction with customers is also excellent!

You can reach their support team via phone calls and live chats that’s available 24/7. However, if you’re unable to contact them immediately, you can get in touch with them through emails but, only with the Premium and Enterprise plans. 

Good for you if you can afford these packages because you’ll experience one-on-one interaction with their support team.

CDN for Even Faster Loading

WP Engine provides its users with a CDN feature alongside MaxCDN to enhance their speeds as well as functionality. This feature is available on all their plans; thus, a better value for money. 

36+ Premium WordPress Themes

Good news! WP Engine has acquired the 36 plus Premium WordPress themes – StudioPress, along with the Genesis theme all-inclusive for free. This guarantees better value for money as you’ll get to save more than you’d have spent purchasing themes. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is a plus in any service provider. With WP Engine, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee which means you can cancel your subscription within 60 days if the service doesn’t suit your needs. 

However, the refund policy applies to the Personal, Professional, and Business plans only. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of WP Engine


  • WP Engine offers top-notch security features that protect your website data from hackers or even attacks. 
  • They have servers optimized for your WordPress account, thus fast load speeds. 
  • They have a proprietary intrusion detection capable of handling massive traffic without any buffer. 
  • Their customer services come with handy WordPress experts to help you out with technical issues. 


  • WP Engine doesn’t allow installation of non-WordPress plugins simply because they may not be compatible with WordPress, thus causing a lag. 
  • Unlike other service providers where domain registration is offered, things are a little bit complicated for WP Engine. It only provides hosting services, making it unreliable. 
  • WP Engine offers higher plans compared to other services out there even though their services tend to translate to cheaper deals. 

WP Engine Performance Tests

Over the years, WP Engine has acquired stellar reviews from both its customers and providers. Because we’ve experienced its benefits before, we can confidently recommend it to you. 

In practice, we created a WordPress website on WP Engine, then using the 2017 theme, filled our new website with generic data, including images. This confirmed its reliability as the test results were too good to be true. 

WP Engine Speed Test Results

So after setting up our WordPress site, we had to conduct a speed test on different servers with the help of a tool well known as Pingdom. 

The first test we did was on a server-based in New York City, which took less than a second before starting. That was incredible considering that we hadn’t installed any tool to enhance its speed performance. 

WP Engine Load Impact Test

Afterwards, we wanted to confirm its reliability on massive traffic so, we did a Load Impact Test. We created several unique guests at once to affirm its effectiveness on handling requests from multiple connections all at once. 

Again, the results were impressive. It was able to respond up to 80 requests at once, after which it began to slow down. Meanwhile, it maintained a steady performance throughout while the number also increased. 

WP Engine Server Response Time

Finally, we had to conduct a test on the server response time from different regions. Therefore, we used a tool well known as Bitcatcha. 

The response time was steady for less than a second for all the regions tested; however, the performance was high on a server located in the United States. 

In Conclusion

Having gone through this post, we believe that you now have the solutions to all your questions from hosting plans, customer support, security features, you name it!

However, is WP Engine the best hosting for you?

Well, our answer to this is YES. It is the best hosting for managed WordPress. It is the ideal choice for those who need hassle-free hosting and bloggers too who want to spend the little time possible working on their WordPress accounts. 

Lastly, WP Engine can be the perfect hosting for web developers as well as designers due to the advanced features that require less time setting up. Also, if you want to achieve massive traffic on your site, check out WP Engine. 

What are you waiting for? Give it a try while you also enjoy 60-days money-back guarantee!