SiteGround vs Bluehost [2023 Comparison]

The truth is that figuring out which hosting platform to choose is downright frustrating. Sometimes, it could even go a lot complicated if you have two options – in this case it is SiteGround and Bluehost. 

But the good news is that we have come to your rescue – to help you make a rational choice with the help of our in-depth comparison of the best hosting providers across the globe. Once you have gone through this comparison, choosing between SiteGround or Bluehost will be a no brainer. 

And because we don’t want to waste much of your time, let’s not beat around the bush – Bluehost carried the day as it garnered more points from our analysis. And while Bluehost emerged the winner, both of these hosting platforms are still leading in terms of hosting services. 

SiteGround had more to offer with the customer support, but Bluehost is the most preferred by people who are looking for additional features and plans. But you need to know more about these two because there are a couple of features you may love from one that the other might not have. 

Let’s dive in. 

SiteGround vs Bluehost Hosting Comparison

Pros & Cons

SiteGround ProsSiteGround Cons
Daily backups are not chargedCustomers don’t get value for their money as compared to other hosting providers
Uptime of up to 99.99 percent It doesn’t give free domain names to its users
WordPress recommends it Limited disk space
Exceptional customer care
Upfront pricing
Bluehost ProsBluehost Cons
Affordable packages No top-notch customer support as compared to other hosting providers
Uptime of up to 99.98 percent It has add-ons that could raise the price than expected
WordPress recommends it
It offers its users free domain names
Suitable for people just starting (beginners)

We can’t deny the fact that Bluehost has been in business for long and that they have earned credibility over the years. This means that you need to focus on the perks it offers to its users like the free domain you get when you first sign up, WordPress integration that allows you to install WordPress with just one-click. 

SiteGround, on the other hand, has grown quite fast since it was founded in the year 2004. Their reputation is well-protected by the fact that they offer excellent customer support, reliable speed, among others. Besides, SiteGround has a lot more to offer when you check at its perks. 

We can say that both would be better bets. What you need to do is to define and determine your top priorities. What is it that you want to get from a hosting provider. Do you need more customer support? Or do you want to fight and get a free domain name when signing up? 

These questions should help you in choosing the best hosting provider in line with your top priorities. Just make sure you choose wisely. 

And here we come to the verdict in this category. Bluehost emerges the king. This is because the hosting platform has way more and better advantages which include value for money, beginner-friendly, as well as recommendation by WordPress. 


Now, let’s move to the features category, where we will be focusing entirely on what each hosting platform has to offer to its users. We can say that both hosting platforms take pride in ease of customer use, as well as a broad customer base. 

This means that no matter what level you or your site are at, you should be at home either way.

That said, choosing any of these hosting providers will be a good bet no matter the level of your site. Maybe you’ll consider other features before you can make a rational decision. 


It’s easy to say that Bluehost beats its competition because it offers its users a free domain name when signing up. To be honest, this is always a catch. Most users would not love to spend a little extra on the domain name, and it would mean a pretty good deal for them. 

It is essential that you know that the free domain you are offered will not be included in the refund policy, which means that Bluehost will trim down $15.99 from the money refund. In a nutshell, this means that you will still own the domain no matter which hosting provider you will choose after that. 

Other Features

You see, SiteGround has also tried to play safe. SiteGround offers its users a daily auto-backup in all the packages it provides users. This means that SiteGround will help you to backup your site without any pay. So you will restore your files, website or email if you experience an issue. 

You might be required to pay a small fee when you are on the StartUp package, but you will be automatically upgraded when you opt for the higher tier packages available. 

Both of the hosting platforms use Cpanel, which many people know as the control panel. Additionally, the hosting providers provide unlimited data transfer. 

Unmetered is just another term that you aren’t limited or billed depending on how much you may use. This will be a significant advantage to those people who small businesses, personal websites, or even community websites. 

Unmetered data transfer, on the other hand, means that you will be allowed to grow free and not metered if you reach a data limit. You may still get trapped, but this will be an easy escape for small sites because they rarely hit that mark — no need to worry. 

Both hosting providers offer exceptional uptime. This is very critical. Downtime can affect your business. You may lose potential customers or trust from people who may have been loyal fans. We know that downtimes may always occur, but rest assured that your site will be working all day if you choose to use any of these providers. 

SiteGround says that their uptime percentage is 99.99 percent, but when we tested its uptime, we got a result of 99.98. This doesn’t mean that SiteGround is deceiving its users. The 99.98 percent is still pretty cool. What we are saying is that you need to keep the correct figure in mind. 

You might not believe this. This will be a draw. We are aware that most people love Bluehost, but this should depend on your top priorities. If you are aiming for a free domain name or unlimited disk space, your best bet should be Bluehost. If you are much more concerned about backups, then SiteGround should be your go-to hosting platform. 

WordPress Integration 

It’s no brainer that WordPress is a leading authority. WordPress itself powers thirty-one percent of the internet. It’s either you are already running a site on WordPress, or you are planning to get WordPress once you settle with a hosting platform. This just means that WordPress integration will be one of your top priorities. 

WordPress has a ton of hosting platforms that they recommend to their users. They call the list “the best and brightest of the hosting world.” Surprisingly, Bluehost comes on top of their list. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Bluehost and WordPress are the “power couple of the hosting world.” 

To make it even more interesting and a difficult choice, WordPress also lists down SiteGround as one of the recommended hosting platforms, though SiteGround falls third. Bluehost sits in a better position to grab more users, but the fact will remain that SiteGround is on the list as well. 

It would be a huge waste of time to choose a hosting platform with no WordPress integration. It will mean attaching your motorcycle wheels on your car. It’s not just a great fit, and it couldn’t solve your tyre woes. You’ll need the right fit. 

Fortunately, both of the hosting providers center their focus on WordPress integration. They both offer WordPress one-click installation, smooth migration and transfers, auto-updates, exceptional customer support. 

Both hosting providers are recommended by WordPress, though the Content Management System goes further to describe Bluehost as “the ultimate WordPress platform.” So Bluehost takes the day in this category. 

Customer Support 

Managing your website could be fun, though you’ll always meet challenges. And it could be a pain in the ass if you resort to taking some time to fix the problem. This is where customer support comes in. Choosing a hosting provider that cares about its users is a wise idea. 

And because you are always bound to make mistakes, there is no need to fret because your hosting provider customer support will assist you as much as possible. Customer support is critical for any user. It’s therefore wise that you put that on top of your priorities. 

Both Bluehost and SiteGround have an exceptional customer support team that will help their customers to solve any problems that arise. These two platforms make sure you are satisfied and happy client to protect their reputation. But there is a difference between these hosting platforms in terms of customer support – the features in the customer support. Let’s look at each of them. 

Bluehost Customer Support

Bluehost may not offer robust customer support as compared to its competitors, but we can equally agree that it has done much that can assist you when the need arises. Bluehost provides its users with tickets, live chat, and telephone support, which you can choose from. 

And if you are probably wondering what the hell are tickets for – tickets are for users who want to submit their query request. When you submit a ticket, one of the customer support team will reach out to you with a tailored solution. And the best thing about tickets is that it’ll only be pulled down once you are satisfied with the solution offered. 

Bluehost also has a knowledge centre where users can get free help regarding, domain, email, WordPress, among other things. You will also get access to the Frequently Asked Questions page where you can gain knowledge about a specific problem you are facing and fix it by yourself. 

Siteground Customer Support

And can you believe it? SiteGround even offers better customer support as compared to Bluehost. Look, SiteGround has a 24/7 live chat where you can contact its support team and get help. Additionally, this hosting platform ensures that you get served well. 

One of the nightmares users face is having a problem which they want sorted. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem it could be – whether you have to wait for too long before you can be served or you are getting automated responses that directly doesn’t solve your problem, there’s no need to worry. Rest assured that someone will attend to you in the long run. 

SiteGround ensures that you get a response within the shortest time possible by shifting its customer support team. Additionally, every customer support team has a profile which means that you can know who you are talking to. 

Apart from SiteGround’s ticket system, live chat support, and telephone support, The hosting platform also provides its users with a knowledge base where they can always find what they are looking for without involving any customer support team member. 

In addition to what SiteGround already has to make sure that you are assisted within the shortest time possible, this hosting platform also has a blog with free resources, they have tutorials that can walk you through something, step-by-step, and a webinar that you can attend to get more knowledge about something. 

Just to let you know – Both SiteGround and Bluehost provides very responsive and easy-to-use customer support. You don’t have to fret whenever something comes up. 

SiteGround, without a doubt, has emerged the king in this category. This is because the third recommended hosting provider by WordPress offers 24/7 customer support, as well as its cool customer support features such as live chat support. 


Whether you are just starting or you are already established business, the budget will be one of your top priorities. You need to get value for money you will pay, and nobody has ever had more than enough funds. We mean you’d not want to wager your money like a gambler. You need better options with assurances. 

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost has way more competitive plans as compared to SiteGround. If you add the amount you will pay plus the add-ons, you’ll see that you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket. 

But the perks you will find in Bluehost are way better. And the good thing about Bluehost is that it can offer the perks at low rates since it is an established hosting platform with a ton of experience in the industry.

If you are just starting – whether a personal blog or a small business website, Bluehost has better rates for you, the only thing you need to be wary of is the add-ons. 

We can’t rubbish SiteGround, though. This hosting provider is transparent with its customers when it comes to the add-ons it includes in its plans. In the hosting industry, the rates may be very low, but add-ons will hike them up – so be careful. 

Siteground Pricing

As we said, SiteGround isn’t cunning or sleazy with its add-ons. They keep everything transparent, so you don’t make mistakes. On its checkout, there are no many add-ons as compared to Bluehost – you will only find two add-ons on the checkout, which includes SiteScanner and website transfer. 

Both of the hosting providers offer their users a 30-day money refund which means that you can sign up and pay but cancel your membership if you are not pleased with their services within 30 days. This is especially a good deal for those who are just starting and may not know the full details of hosting services. 

Bluehost provides its customers with better value for the money they pay as compared to SiteGround. Bluehost wins in this category, and you’d better go with Bluehost if the value for your money is at the top of your priorities. 

And while you choose your hosting provider, you must make sure you have unchecked the add-on boxes if you do not need them. The add-ons could hike the initial price you’d have paid without them. Just make sure that you are careful. 

Conclusion – Bluehost Wins

We were making a comparison of both SiteGround and Bluehost, and you can see that both are good hosting providers, even though one of them has to be an overall winner. These hosting platforms have been in the business for quite some time, and we could easily conclude that they are experienced in this industry. 

Bluehost is known for its emphasis on value for money while SiteGround takes pride in excellent customer support, which, of course, should be at the top of your priorities when choosing a hosting provider. 

Overall, Bluehost emerges the winner. It settles in the second place in all the rankings compared with other hosting providers with an excellent score of ninety-one percent. And because it’s the first hosting provider that WordPress recommends, as well as its ease-of-use, Bluehost is king. 

This was a real battle if we must be honest with you and that’s why it’s not making sense to sideline SiteGround. SiteGround got a score of eighty percent in our overall ranking with other hosting providers.