6 Best WooCommerce Hosting in 2023

If you desire to set up an online store, check out WooCommerce and WordPress. They are powerful website builders that enable you to customize your site to your liking. 

Choosing the right WooCommerce for your online stores can be downright frustrating, but only then can your business grow enormously.

There are tons of hosting providers and packages to choose from; however, dedicated WooCommerce hosting will save you from this hassle. Having one set up will help manage your stores easily. 

So, without any delay, let’s take a quick look at the six best WooCommerce Hosting and help you choose one that perfectly suits your needs. 

Advantages of WooCommerce Hosting 

WooCommerce is a multi-purpose hosting platform, meaning you can manage multiple websites at the same time. This is a plus when it comes to expanding your online store. 

With WooCommerce hosting, you get to enjoy the automated WooCommerce and WordPress setup, daily backups, top-notch security, and excellent customer support. 

These are some of the essential factors you need to consider before choosing WooCommerce hosting. Nevertheless, each host has a unique selling point, which we’re going to discuss in detail.  

Best WooCommerce Hosting in 2021

We wouldn’t want to waste much of your time, so we’ll cut it to the chase. We’ll focus on specific features, ease of use, pricing, and packages, among others. 

1. SiteGround 

SiteGround is a sought-after WordPress hosting platform. They guarantee excellent performance, reliable customer support, affordable packages, as well as WooCommerce-specific features. 

WooCommerce-Specific Features

When it comes to SiteGround’s packages, things are the same as for their basic shared options. However, there are some modifications done to enhance their functionality.

Some of these features include the WooCommerce Storefront theme, SSL security certificate, the CDN feature to boost the speed of your store’s load, PCI Compliant servers, and a free shopping cart installation in case you need to set up a new store. Also, your data is safe with the free daily backups they offer. 

Ease of Use

Setting up a WooCommerce store is more comfortable as some plugins and themes are automatically set up for WooCommerce. This means that you can start adding products to your store in a couple of minutes.  

The bad news, though, is that its control panel is a little bit complicated, which makes it difficult to allocating specific options for customizing your store.  

Pricing and Packages

SiteGround offers the most affordable WooCommerce packages ranging from $3.95 to $11.95. This makes it a better option, especially when working on a shoestring budget.  

2. Bluehost 

BlueHost is also a renowned hosting platform recommended by the WordPress.org team. Besides, it provides its customers with dedicated WooCommerce plans that are budget-friendly along with preinstalled WooCommerce, and a free SSL feature. 

WooCommerce-Specific Features

With the dedicated plans offered by BlueHost, you also get tons of excellent features to make your store a success. These include a free online setup call to keep you connected, preinstalled WooCommerce and WordPress themes, a free SSL certificate, and a dedicated IP address. 

Other notable features include unlimited bandwidth, 100 GB SSD storage that’s available on upgraded packages. 

Ease of use

Because of the preinstalled themes and plugins, setting up WooCommerce and WordPress should be no brainer. Also, with the customized hosting dashboard, you can easily manage your store’s performance as well as updates. 

Pricing and Plans

If your preference in the choice of a WooCommerce hosting is pricing, check out Bluehost. It offers a basic plan from as low as $6.95 per month with 100 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. 

Its upgraded package – the Plus plan starts from $8.95/month and comes with unmetered bandwidth and disk space. With this package, you also get the CodeGuard feature to enhance the safety of your data.  

3. DreamHost

DreamHost takes pride in being the best hosting for WordPress. It offers dedicated plans for WordPress and, of course, specific options for WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce-Specific Features

Being a top-notch WordPress provider, rest assured it’ll work well with WooCommerce stores. Some of the standout features include WooCommerce preinstalled Storefront themes, VaultPress backups that ensure the safety of your data, Jetpack Professional plugin, reliable customer support, and a free SSL certificate. 

Ease of Use

With the preinstalled WooCommerce and WordPress themes, you can start working on your sore right away. Thanks to the DreamHost’s unique features that provide you with tons of options, easily configured to your store. 

Pricing and Packages

Unlike other hosting providers with affordable packages, DreamHost is a bit expensive. Their packages range from $16.95 to $71.95, depending on the number of visitors. 

For example, the lowest plans cater up to 100K visitors, with 1Million plus visitors on the highest package. These plans, however, grant you the freedom of customizing your store to your liking anytime. 

4. Liquid Web 

So far, Liquid Web is the most expensive WooCommerce hosting provider. It offers exemplary features that come with excellent plugins that make it a standout. 

WooCommerce-Specific Features

Liquid Web’s hosting plans says it all when it comes to WooCommerce-specific features. It comes handy with the Astra Pro theme, and page builder plugin, Mobile optimization for your pages, IconicWP that enhances the functionality of your store, free SSL certificate, and PCI compliance, which comes at an additional fee.  

Ease of Use

If you’re still green with the WooCommerce hosting, don’t worry because the Liquid Web team is always willing to guide you through. 

They will help you add products to your store and even set up additional payment options. This means that you can get the necessary help you need with the customization of your store. Besides, it comes with a super-flexible control panel that is easy to navigate. 

Pricing and Plans

Liquid Web offers a variety of WooCommerce hosting plans, including the $39/month package, which comes with all of the above features. You may also opt for a higher package of $99.99/month if you want to gain massive traffic to your store.  

5. Kinsta

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting managed by Google Cloud Platform. It comes handy with optimized WooCommerce infrastructure, capable of handling sites with massive traffic. 

WooCommerce-Specific Features

Kinsta offers a variety of excellent features for WooCommerce, some of which include:

The one-click auto-installer that’s available in their MyKista dashboard, daily free backups, free SSL certificate with a one-click installer, the customer support that’s available 24/7, auto-scaling, super-fast servers to enhance the functionality of your stores. 

Ease of Use

Using the one-click auto-installer feature, managing your WooCommerce store becomes easier. It provides its users with super-easy instructions; not even a novice can fail to understand. 

Additionally, if you wish to transfer your existing WooCommerce site to a different provider, the WooCommerce team is more willing to give a hand. All you have to do is to apply for a migration form and wait for their response. 

Pricing and Plans

Kinsta offers packages from $30 a month. However, you can opt for a higher plan if you want to achieve massive traffic on your end. 

You’ll also get add-ons that are optional on all the packages offered. With the 30-day money refund, you have the freedom to enjoy the free trial before you can decide on what to settle with. Signing up for their annual plan is a plus as it gives a bonus of two months free. 

6. WP Engine 

Again, we have a premium WordPress hosting for WooCommerce. Besides, it comes with excellent infrastructure that can withstand massive traffic along with security features to protect your site from malware. 

WooCommerce-Specific Features

WP Engine WooCommerce hosting offers tons of features, including the free SSL certificate, the CDN feature that improves the performance of your site, free daily backups, among others. 

That aside, you’ll get free access to the genesis theme along with other themes suitable for WooCommerce stores. And finally, there is a staging environment built-in feature that allows for changes before you can set things afloat.

Ease of use

Like Kinsta, WP Engine also has a customized dashboard for WordPress, making it super-easy for managing a site.

WP Engine also goes the extra mile of providing its users with exceptional features such as the E-commerce Toolkit and Genesis theme that enhance the functionality of your site. 

Pricing and Plans

The packages you choose will depend on the number of visits you get within a month. For example, with the basic plan, you can host up to 25 000 visitors. Your limits get to increase with an increase in the number of visitors. 


Regardless of the size of your online store, a WordPress WooCommerce theme is essential. Not only will it enhance the functionality of your site but also the traffic.