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In an age of rapidly transforming technology, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with all that’s going on. From artificial intelligence, to the internet of things, we’re witnessing technology raging into our lives and making things better and easier. Even though all this wonderful to witness, there’s also a catch. With such advancement, there are numerous inventions that are enabling the bad guys to steal from you. Be it data theft, or usage surveillance, you’re consistently under threat of having your connection hijacked, without you knowing.

This is where M2M Magazine comes into the picture. We’re a technology-oriented blog, enabling you to stay in touch with all the tech advancements happening around the world. In addition to this, we keep you well-informed of everything that goes on the bad side of the internet, giving you the power to safeguard what it rightfully yours. Using authentic, and credible sources of information, we extract news and developments and present them to you simply and coherently. This enables you to be up to speed with all the essential tech-news, by just skimming through our website. In addition to this, we present all information objectively, so that you’re aware of all the aspects through which all new inventions could be harmful for your data and privacy.

Simply put, we’re the hub of everything that you need to know about technology, and all the dangerous aspects of it.

In addition to giving you all the information, we tell you the importance of how the Internet of Things poses a significant threat on the privacy of your IP Address. Serving as a location marker for your device, your IP is the gateway for all internet connections to get to you. When this is coupled with IOT, this makes your devices and privacy vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To keep your information safe, you must hide your IP address completely using appropriate VPNs. All of this is a major part of all our publications.

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We’ve divided M2M magazine in simple sections, so that it’s easier for you to get to your required information.

Firstly, we’re featuring an entire section of the Internet of Things. This is where you’ll find everything that you need to know about the advancement of smart objects, and how they’re being integrated into our daily lives. Some of the most popular content on the section features popular brands and completely and their adoption of the internet of things. This is excellent consumer advice for people who are looking into buying IOT items. The section also sheds light on how the devices are essentially integrated to the internet. Which makes you and your information more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Next up, we feature in-depth reports of the most popular tech-items in the industry. This section features content that has been extensively researched and composed, just to give you the added information that you need to make the most of your technology. This implies that we also provide safety tips and precautionary measures for you to use the technology safely. We feature technology reviews and sources for you to always be safeguard and protected while you’re on the internet.

If you’re passionate about all kinds of technological developments, our News section is just for you. Giving updates on-the-go about everything technology, we depend on numerous sources to give you credible and usable information, right on time. This means that whenever something hits the market, you’re the first one to be aware. In addition to this, the section keeps an eye out for vulnerabilities on the internet, and technology in general. This ensures that whenever a cyber security breach or loophole is spotted, you can immediately safeguard yourself and your data.

Artificial Intelligence section is where we discuss all that goes on in the pursuit of technologically replicating the human mind. From IBM’s Watson, to Sophia, and everything in between, our Artificial Intelligence is your one-click solution to learn everything about how we’re slowly progressing towards a truly digital age. The section also features well-researched articles on how AI can prove to be harmful for human beings, to both our well-being and to our data. From war-oriented robots, to artificially intelligence spy bots, we must always be ready. There’s not much that we can do about war mongering machines, but we can certainly strength our cyber strongholds from identity stealing bots, and surveillance scripts.

Finally, our last section sheds light on all the automation that goes around today. From automating supply chains, to making your wearables smart, we’re not far from a time that all our manual processes are taken over by machines. Our automation section deals with all information related to that. From learning about efficient machines, to saving your identity and data, we’ve got you covered!

M2M Magazine is all you need to always be ready for the up and coming in the technology industry. Further, our magazine is your ideal weapon to learn how to safeguard yourself from all the dangers and harms of using the internet!